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Feeling like a dummy, but I finally figured out how to post here . . .

What I really wanted to do was post a message for anyone who looks at this page and considers joining the group . . .

What makes you a "unique mama"?

As for me, I don't have tatooes or piercings, but I don't look or dress like a typical (or stereotypical) mom. I wear stuff from Hot Topic and Delias and generally look more like a teenager than an adult. I'm 24, but I look younger . . . when I go out with my daughter and my mom, people usually think my mom is THE mom. But that's just the way I look.

I also have radical (and depending who you talk to, unpopular) opinions . . . I'm an anti-adoption activist, totally pro-choice when it comes to abortion, 100% in support of extended breastfeeding (and doing it with my daughter), and I believe in parenting by instinct, not going by the books or "experts." And I'm really opinionated/out-spoken. Passionate, I guess, is the more polite word for it.

I'm ALSO (as if there needs to be more) very liberal when it comes to how I raise and plan to raise my daughter. Which isn't much of a problem now, seeing as she's only 18 months, but I can see it making things difficult down the road, once she's in school and such.

Truth is, I don't fit in in a lot of crowds. Most days that's cool . . . I don't WANT to be like everybody else. But it's always nice to meet other misfits and make friends, right?!

So join in . . . what makes YOU unique?
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